Advanced Packaging


PCC’s state of the art rigid plastic manufacturing facility is a climate controlled, clean manufacturing environment with more than 7,740 m2 of manufacturing space and a 4,640 m2 FG warehouse. Special space has been allocated for 4 silos to assist with high volume resins. High quality injection and blow molding machineries to manufacture a standard quality of plastic products.

Complexity is not an obstacle

We have extensive engineering experience and can provide a level of expertise in part design and processing that can make even the most complex plastic components. Whether your product is a simple component or a complex innovation, we can work with you in product design, product improvement, and project management to ensure that your application is cost-effective and successful from the beginning.


> Multi- purposes caps & Closures such as dairy, CSD, water

> Dispensing Caps

> Aerosol Caps

> Customized caps and closures (flip-top cap, sports cap, caps for aseptic packaging)

> PET Bottles and Jars

> HDPE Bottles and Jerry cans

> Multi-layer bottles for chemical applications