Contracting Process


Our contracting process follows a strategy of selective tendering. We select preferred tenders based on a competitive evaluation and a quantitative analysis of the commercially compliant tenders submitted by the bidders. Interested in doing business with PCC? Registering your profile in our secure database allows us to contact you when an opportunity arises for your company's product or service.


Procurement Terms


PCC's procurement terms and conditions are designed to provide peace of mind for both parties and cover every eventuality, including statutory obligations, insurance responsibilities, general payment terms, taxes and duties, termination, and confidentiality.              


Code of Conduct


As the foundation of our business culture, the PCC Code of Conduct promotes our standards and ethical values across our supplier network, enabling long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with the highest degree of integrity.


Please attach the following documents for your organization to register your interests in the Localization opportunities:

  1. Fill the vendor registration form (Attached)
  2. Valid CR certificate required.
  3. Valid VAT certificate required.
  4. Bank details
  5. Supplier portfolio to be attached.

Email to be sent to (Umair).