Irrigation Systems


Petrochemical Conversion Company (PCC) is one of the largest suppliers of polyethylene drip irrigation products in Saudi Arabia.


PCC’s Irrigation systems offers several variety of drip lines emitters that includes Pressure compensation & non-pressure compensating, Flat & Round, ND, Anti-clogging.


We manufacture premium grade polyethylene drip lines with a various wall thicknesses and flow rates.


All PCC's drip irrigation products are manufactured using premium grade polyethylene which offers several benefits:


> Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers.  

> Excellent environmental stress crack resistance.

> Excellent UV resistance.

> Friendly Packaging for transportation & installation.

> Variety of diameters, coil lengths and emitter spacing

> Lightweight and flexible

> Environmental friendly

> Suitable for agriculture and land scaping purposes


> Thin walled pipes

> Flat tubes

> Round tubes

> PC and Non-PC tubes