Nylon 6.6


The state of art Nylon 6,6 Polymerization plant is based on a continuous process (CP) designed by a leading technology provider with a name plate capacity of 50,000 metric tons per annum. Our Nylon 6.6 can serve various applications in many industrial segments.



> Automotive - Engine Covers/Housings

> Electrical & Electronic Plastics

> Electrical Encapsulation Materials

> Electrical Insulation Polymers

> Electrical Motor Insulation, Electronic & Electrical Connectors

> High-Performance Materials for 3D Printing, Cable Insulation and Jacketing

> Mobile Phone Housing & Components, Photovoltaic Panels and Parts

> Plastics for Sporting Goods, Polymers for Appliances

> Polymers for Appliances, Polymers for Oil and Gas

> Railway Technology for the Long Haul, Thermoplastic Tubing and Elastomeric Hose

> Transformer Insulation


> Strength 

> Chemical resistance 

> Heat resistance, Insulating electrical resistance